Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


I use Spotify 0.8 which actually natively supports this :slight_smile:

Email is if anyone wishes to chat


Not sure I want to run outdated Spotify :sweat_smile:

MSN is okay though.


add me if you wanna talk :slight_smile:


Does anyone know where to edit msnmsgr.exe for MSN 7 so I can get it to work with Escargot? I’ve opened it with Resource Hacker but I have no idea where the string is. Can anyone help me?


@Spriteclad I haven’t used resource hacker. Use a hex editor/notepad++, ctrl+f to find the relevant strings :stuck_out_tongue:


resource hacker just edits the actual resource rather than the files.


Yeah, you’re right, I edited it with Notepad++ instead and it worked. Thanks!


WoW :joy:

Facebook on MSN 7.5


me too :wink: nice work @valtron


Hi, i have a problem at the time to download a MSN release.

I get “Anonymous users does not have storage.objects.get access to object escargot-storage-1/public/msn-installer/msn-7.5.0324-es.exe.”.

I’ve tried it with other links and I get the same thing.

Now i can, it might have been for maintenance reasons


PEBKAC: when I checked the “select all” box to make them all public (in google cloud console), apparently only the loaded portion of the list got selected.


Facebook is only possible in Spanish version? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My MSN has not shown up with the tabs and whatnot, so I do not know what’s happening


@JoSch @MichaelPower

I believe not, as long as you are using version 7.5 patched.

You only have to choose the tab with the “?” and it says “Communicate with MSN”, which would open the bing search. From here you can access any website. (TIP: For the mobile version, use instead of


There’s extra patching involved for that, the instructions are updated now.

I use MSN 7.5 with Messenger Plus! 3.63 and works good. Run slow in my PC.


Add me up! Email is [removed, don’t really want more requests, pm if you really want to add], using Messenger 7.5 w/ Plus!.


Have you tried opening MSN in compatibility mode with Windows XP or 2000?


MSN 7.5 Results

Weirdly, it works on my Windows 10 Pro Laptop (x64, with Core i5) but not on my desktop (AMD Athlon II x64 but otherwise the exact same).
Add me: :cat:


Can’t sign in to MSN 7.0, the problem started around 12h ago. “Signing in to MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. 80070195”. Have tried to re-install MSN 7.0. MSN Switcher is running normal… Any idea how to fix the problem?