Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


Joining it is a bit tricky, since you have to edit msnmsgr.exe. See here for instructions and making an account:

Updated 2017-06-06

To join, see Summarized here:

  • Install MSN: pick your language/version, preferably a “Pre-Patched”
  • Create an account
    • If you want to be able to log in to MSN 1/2/3/4, check the Old MSN support checkbox when you create an account. If you already have an account and want to add/remove old MSN support, for now you have to go through the reset password process to do it.

If there isn’t a suitable pre-patched version, here are the instructions for patching:

Add para chat brasil
Italiani su msn
Messenger Reviver 2 Discontinued (Black Anniversary 05/2017 - 05/2018)

can you made a MSNP2 (theres a documentation for that) and MSNP8 ???


I can try, depends if MSN 2 runs on win10 so I have something to test it with.


you better setup a VM with Windows XP to test

if you need the links of the versions i can provide.


also if you like i can provide you the msnp2 documentation

Does anyone wants my MSN?

It works without a VM. I found these docs: that wikipedia says is for MSNP2. If you have something else, that would be helpful!


Just wondering, how did you do Passport (TWN?) auth? MSN always rejected the random tokens I generate, and looped a send to the Nexus URL when I tried.


@alzcore397 I added basic notification server support for MSNP2. Switchboard code seems to work too. To change the server, set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService\Server to BUT, a huge caveat: to get around the ridiculousness that is MD5 auth, rather than store passwords as plaintext, I opted to “circumvent” the login process. To login, enter “actual_name|actual_password” for the “Sign-in name”, and anything in “Password”. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know!

@Raymonf I first tried it with MSN 7.5 and had similar problems, then I tried 7.0 and was able to get somewhere. In more detail:

# NS
>>> USR 1 TWN I
<<< USR 1 TWN S anything

# Nexus
> client asks for the login url
< nexus replies with Passporturls; I had to modify the `.exe` so it checks that instead of PassportURLs

# Login server
> client gives: email and pw
< LS validates info; generates auth_token (random string), gives it to client

# NS
>>> USR 1 TWN S auth_token
(server looks up token in the table and makes sure it's valid)
<<< USR 1 OK ...

I’ll put the code up on gitlab eventually, just have to clean it up first.


Very nice work. My account is

The great thing about these older versions is that they’re far more portable than the later versions, as you can simply copy over the files from another installation and as long as some version of Messenger is installed, it will still work fine.

In my case, I installed 7.0.0820 in a Win7 VM and copied over the MSN Messenger folder to my normal Windows 10 install. Not only does it work, but I can use it and 2012 side by side.

I’ve attached the zip of my patched MSN Messenger folder that can be extracted for a quick way onto the server from here. (5.8 MB) (Edit: I don’t think this version is working correctly anymore since the hostname change, see above for better instructions)


I see! So it was just a version issue. Thanks for the write-up!

@valtron Perhaps add me? My e-mail is just my username here at outlook.


@Raymonf Added you!

I see six people have joined in! I’ve added all of you guys :smiley:


Yup, shared it with my small community. Not sure they know who you are, though.


heres the link to download the very first version of MSN

it uses MSNP2 plz test it that it can log in and responde back (i want this version for archive and emotional reasons :slight_smile: ) thank you…


also check these

thank you!


MSNP2-------------------->MSN Messenger 1.0
MSNP8**------------------->****Windows messenger (any)**, MSN Messenger 5.0


check this also please!!!


how i can install msn7 if i already have msn2012?



@kayfunk Here’s a pre-installed, patched MSN 7:

Unzip it to your desktop and run msnmsgr.exe directly. It’s patched to allow multi-instances, but you might still not be able to run it and WLM2012 at the same time unless WLM2012 is patched for multi-instance too.


is there a way to patch WLM2012 for multi-instance without install the PLUS! ??