Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


##Now working :slight_smile:

1º Login email/ and 1 in password and click in save
2º Close sesion and select login with other account
3º Login and password
4º Enjoy


custom sounds are overrated


hey dude, add me


After some testing we were able to get the custom sounds to work with some patching.

add us on our testing group :


Yeah, they are not working :frowning: , lets see if they can fix this.

Any Windows/Application API documentation for the "Now Playing"?

I made some trash.

Use if you want. Hopefully you know C# and PHP if you do want to use this. :eyes:


I had a lot of GIFemoticons on WLM which I can’t get back at the moment. The only way I Could think of is the “CustomEmoticons” folder in AppData>Local>Microsoft>Messenger… where all my old emoticons is in .dt2 / .id2 files. Is there any way to move the folder from WLM to the new MSN server? Or can I convert them to GIF-files again and then re-create them?


Maybe this could help?


The dt2 files are the actual GIFs or PNGs, the id2 files are just metadata and can be ignored for now.

I generally suggest copying the whole folder to a new folder and doing a mass rename so you can sort through them. After you’ve copied the folder, to do the mass rename on Windows 8 or 10, open the new folder you copied the files to in File Explorer, click the File menu, then Open Windows Powershell or Open command prompt (what options here will depend on Windows version). If you’re using Windows 7, hold down the shift key on the keyboard while right-clicking on a blank space in the File Explorer window, then choose Open command window here.

When the prompt opens, just type:
cmd /k ren *.dt2 *.png
and hit enter. Then close Powershell/Command Prompt and you should start to see thumbnails for all the emoticons. Unfortunately you’ll have to do further sorting for the GIFs, those will tend to be larger sized ones. One trick you can do is drag and drop the files into your web browser, which won’t care about the file extension and will show you if it’s animated or not. If it is animated, you can just rename the file to a GIF.

Of course now, you have to manually re-add them to Messenger. I’ve been working on a way to automate this but it’s still a work in progress.


Big thanks!!


I have tried to add you, but there is a could not be added to your contact list because its owner has not signed up for a Microsoft Passport account.
Try and add me instead :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this, that’s awesome !!! Keep up the good work :wink:

I’m letting my email if anyone wants to add me : (i’m french but I also speak english and a little bit of spanish) !


Add me! :smiley:


add me to: john3vueltas@gmail.dd but i’m spanish


Is there any way to bring back the MSN Today function as like a server update page?


@MichaelPower There might be a way to do that. we just need to keep working on how to figure everything out.


@MichaelPower @iGiftedSpade

It would be very interesting.


It looks like MSN tries to get the MSN Today url from After repeatedly failing to get that url, it just removes the MSN Today button. It’s easy to patch, but I don’t know what format MSN expects the response to be.




Thank you, kind sir. It works!