Made an MSN 7 server -- anyone want to chat?


@ngr6 Well around that time I was messing with the server, but it was only down for maybe 10 minutes… anyway, don’t use MSN Switcher anymore. Uninstall it, uninstall your MSN 7.0, then install one of the pre-patched versions from the site.


Thanks, did that after I wrote my post, it’s working fine now :slight_smile:


ADD ME PLEASE I LOVE MSN MESSENGER (Escargot) : (French/Spanish/English User) :smile:


Hey guys! I just finished adding most of you! Please add me too!
My name is Rafael, I’m from Brazil and speak English/Portuguese/Spanish and I’m learning japanese!
My email is :
Lets chat!


All of a sudden I’m getting the 80072f0d error when I try to sign in… I have the pre-patched 7.0, any ideas on how to fix it?

#176 - I found this site that shows symptoms and causes of this error. To fix, they ask to download and run their program. Try to first uninstall your MSN, use the ZapMessenger and reinstall MSN. If it does not work, go to the site above and see more about the error.


Hey, thanks for your help! I couldn’t really get anything to work, but I was staying at a hotel when this happened and now I’m at a different hotel and MSN signed me in just fine. It’s possible that maybe the hotel’s internet was blocking the server or something.


Yes, they may have blocked it. Sometimes it is in the PC firewall itself or the antivirus program …


a lot of times you can get it unblocked yourself with a vpn connection. :slight_smile:
the reason I usually do that is because I would be somewhere with a unsecured connection and they would have services blocked such as youtube and personal sites. also services to use messengers.


Eu sou do brasil, quem quiser me add fica a vontade, meu email


is that you from finobe?


Not sure what that has to do with anything, but yes…?

#183 my new msn adress


Don’t trust programs promoted by sites like solvusoft and similiar.


I also do not have much confidence in their software. I just suggested seeing the causes and symptoms of the error.


This is a pretty long thread so I’m not about to scour through, but I’m still wondering; what’s behind the name?


Works on Windows 10 Home with Creators Update :slight_smile:

My email is


Hello! Add me if you want to chat.

Im Alfasixela from Mexico, i speak spanish and english.
See ya!


You forgot to type your email :stuck_out_tongue:


XD true! Sorry, here: