If Escargot is down.. 😕


Screenshot from 2020-04-21 10-33-30

If seems like you signed off automatically and you can’t sign back on (with 800701f6 or 81000306) look at his thread :smiley:

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy, explain :\

EDIT: It’s back up. but still :arrow_up:

As I type this, the servers seem to be down (the site’s still up though). I’ll see what’s up.

Seems that the server folded on itself in a manner that didn’t involve CPU or RAM usage, which I haven’t encountered in two years. Took a couple restarts but the server seems to be in working order again.

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server is shutdown sometime

That’s not exactly what happens. In most cases we leave the server on 24/7, but because our server hardware isn’t optimized to utilize full CPU power or have enough RAM, the server can slow down or crash and restart. Very rarely do we shut the server down for other reasons, and that’s mainly to do direct database work.

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@OhHelloThereImTheGuy The server is offline again.

He’s deleting some account and it requires the server to be down first :confused:

Oh, I see
Wasn’t that account sending lots of trojans? Maybe that’s why it’s taking forever


iirc sending files is P2P which means it is not stored on the server

For those not already aware, the deletion’s all done with now.


Down again!? :sleepy:

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy, thanks very much for the hype :smiley:

That stat has always been there since at least 1-2 years ago. Right now that just means someone attempted to use Mercury Messenger with the MSNP21 option (it only loads the contact list, but not the statuses or anything else).


Well, the hype train ISN’T that far for 2011 and 2012.

Oof :smiley:


This is a clear sentence.

Hmm if the devs should disable msnp21 option and says “not supported yet” :slight_smile:

Not possible.

Well it’s back up :slight_smile: