Hmm I can't tell (Windows Messenger vs MSN Messenger)

are windows messenger and msn messenger similar, does windows messenger work on escargot server, is there version 4.6 of msn messenger or is it only windows messenger

Windows Messenger versions of 4.x are the same codebase as MSN Messenger 4.x, just included with Windows XP.

It’s not until version 5 that the two start to really differ and are made by a different teams of people.

does windows messenger work with escargot

Yep, as it’s the same software with another name on top.

i tried patching 4.6 the one that is for download on escargot and it did not work so why is this a thing

TReKiE explain please

I just changed the registry key and it works fine for me.

Can i use a copy of messenger 4.7 sorry not 4.6 that came with windows xp

i dont remember if its 4.7 or 4.6

also why you have 0 contacts when you use 4.6

what just happened

TReKiE how did u sign on to messenger if the servers are offline

i can use some help, :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry for asking so many questions

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This is a complicated issue, and I see you’ve been through this before. What version of Messenger you get depends on what XP you’ve installed, but assuming you mean the last version up-to-date, it is 4.7.3001.

Also importantly, not all 4.7 versions are the same, beginning in 4.7.2005 (there was a .0101 and .0105 too) the authentication method changed which is why the registry key won’t help with these versions. These “newer” versions" will need to be patched to work (Old MSN Support isn’t relevant for them either).

Using a test account, my primary doesn’t have Old MSN Support on.

ok thanks for answering my questions

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i am using windows xp service pack 3 do you want me to find out which version of windows messenger my XP pc uses

with 4.7.2009 you have to use the same patching steps with 5.0-6.2
i used the autopatcher than did the edit in regedit