Escargot seems to be down

#1 seems to be offline and when i try to sign in i get this. If anyone knows why or can help me, please reply! (and yes i typed my info correctly)

Servidor caido
Ayuda¡¡ urgente
Hmm I can't tell (Windows Messenger vs MSN Messenger)
Escargot is now working! Escargot ya está funcionando!
Hmm I can't tell (Windows Messenger vs MSN Messenger)
Escargot website and server is not working

algo me paso primero mi windows live messenger no me dejaba entrar y ahora cuando trato de ingresar a escargot para reinstalarlo me tira un error como si la pagina no existiera, acaso cerraron los servers o la pagina


The server is down at the moment, it happens from time to time.


Thanks for answering I was already worried


and when you think it will work again


thanks for the quick reply! got any info on when things will be back to normal?


I’m not sure as I don’t know what’s happening, whether it’s a crash, maintenance or a late night debugging session.

However, it is only the web/https that is down, such as the website and authentication. The Messenger server itself is still working, so you can still sign in if your account has “Old MSN support” already enabled and you use a version up to and including 4.6 with the server registry modification.


sorry @TReKiE i’ve tried signing in with that already enabled and I can’t seem to get it signed in. reinstalled messenger 12 times and it still doesn’t sign in. so I will wait until tomorrow and see whether it’s working again.


You’re using version 1 through 4.6? Anything newer will not work right now during this outage.


currently i am using version 8.5 of messenger but on other devices such as a mac I don’t have anything running for messenger. other than a computer I do have the android app to run on my phone. my phone isn’t android but it runs the app really well.


i do not have “old msn support” i dont think


I have the same issue, wont log in on my msn 8.5


i also am using 8.5


Me, too. I’m using 8.1; I’ve been using it for ages.


¿por cuanto tiempo estaremos así?*:
No se puede acceder a este sitio web:

Windows 10 (Actualizado):


its been offline for 9 hours


who has access to the escargot site to take it down for something like maintenance


I would imagine it’s probably crashed or failed in some way, maintenance wouldn’t last all night.


this really sucks! I just found out about this last night, and was gonna gather a group of friends to relive the nostalgia, then I wake up this morning and it’s down :crying_cat_face:


si estoy teniendo un deya vu microsoft nos hizo lo mismo y ahora escargot tambien que reverenda mierda