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  1. I wouldn’t mini-mod.
  1. im not trying to, im just telling you that

the fuck that bookmark thing literally just affected this post

if all you’re trying to do is tell me that then you’re not because “don’t” means do not do something


Based on your earlier response, I think the correct answer is: You can figure it out yourself.

But in case you can’t, I will help. There’s this little bit of “advertising”:

If this “advertising” didn’t exist, it’s likely you wouldn’t be here to complain about it.


yes i can figure it out myself and like i’ve said over a hundred times, i wasn’t complaining all i was doing was asking about why they were advertising here and you had even quoted it yourself “I’M ASKING WHY THEY ARE” how could you miss that info and i obviously can’t discuss my personal opinion about a thread if it doesn’t exist edit: my earlier replies were all starting with “Why” so that means i’m asking a question

and you said “What item?” so i said You can go find the item yourself it wouldn’t make sense to change it to You can figure it out yourself because i told you to look for something, not to “figure it out”
i guess you can keep “complaining” if you want to :slight_smile: edit: so you’re just going to say that even though you have no idea how i got here


your edits are so good i swear

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You seem to be getting your panties in a twist over people questioning why you’re so appalled over people showcasing their projects on this forum. If this is going to be another case of “MessengerGeek is only for X” then you can kindly leave that by the door as in most cases, people can post about anything outside IM/tech and you have no control over that. And acting all snotty to the admin about him wondering what the heck you’re going on about isn’t helping anything either.

i’m not appalled over people showcasing their projects on this forum you can see that all i asked for was one question and in turn i wanted one answer

and by this point many people have retold me that answer

You starting the conversation with “Why are you advertising this on this forum” comes off as rude and makes you look like they shouldn’t do that. You don’t need to know why they do that. It’s allowed here and @TReKiE hasn’t shown that it’s the reverse. In most cases people don’t do this just for the sake of attracting users on their platform and calling it a day. They do it because they think the community will enjoy their own projects too.

again, i already know it’s allowed here and i will also try not to come off as rude or arrogant anymore

Yes, you know now, but why you were disgusted by it in the first place is something people are still confused about.

i don’t exactly know where or how people thought i was acting disgusted or maybe i don’t remember. can you tell me in what reply were i acting disgusted?

Posting this on a thread out of nowhere doesn’t look like you being disgusted that someone’s advertising here?

And this on another thread?

And when people are questioning your actions, you proceed to blast them out in a thread simply telling people to leave you alone without addressing what people are wondering in the first place?

You even say nobody “needs to correct” your opinion yet you use it like a get out of jail card just to tell people “This is wrong because I said so”.

that one thread was centered around something different and i said i don’t remember, not that i completely objectify i was acting disgusting and my reason behind that thread was because opinions aren’t fact, so they shouldn’t be looked at as one because they’re mere thoughts or feelings

Honestly from looking at your post history, it looks like you just want to trash people who do things you don’t like (like them making projects you think look bad and proceeding to blast it without explaining why, and them advertising their personal projects on here for the people and shushing them, like I highlighted before). At this point if you aren’t going to own up to your mistakes then why should people like me bother arguing with you?