Flixage - a video sharing platform

So yeah,another project,the most important to me, Flixage a video sharing platform

Here is the logo (which i really like idk why) :

And im searching developers that know

If you know one of that language,you can contact me on private message

The official twitter : https://twitter.com/FlixageApp

Thanks for read this topic.

I just saw you want nodejs dude, yeah i can work

Im gonna reply to you on discord tho

you underestimate the bandwidth this would require


i can already doubt that this project will ever succed, most of alessio’s other projects, excluding catspeak/pf94chat, have never got any announcements, even his ““enterprise””, softori, was closed recently because it was dead.

:thinking: those catspeak flashbacks.

this will never likely to escape the powerpoint concept stages, and will die in a few months. With alessio and/or xpuser’s webpage skills, this would look like amateurish, clunky, and hard to use, and even if people use it, and if another community will discover it, the fate will be like vidlii’s, full of 4channers shitposting unfunny memes that were too inappropriate/shit for youtube.


I understand that,make a video sharing platform need money and powerfull ssd/hard drive,i know the website would not be out this year for this reason,but im saving some money for this.

i just wanna say it isn’t a proper concept if it’s done powerpoint

i would rather try to write a draft in HTML

Thanks for the advice,advices is appreciated to evolve the site.

Vidlii is a video sharing platform.

Yeah,but in the style of the old YouTube website

…which YouTube is a video sharing platform

what are you even trying to say i dont

what ?

Advertisement for Videryo

I can do MYSQL and CSS, if you need those contact me

tailswave@hotmail.com / tailswave#8201

I asked you on discord ! Mine is : alesGraphics#1234

  1. shut up
  2. i applied for nodejs management and website administration, not website modeling u dumbo head

Updated user page concepts!
just a proof of concept

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The company account ! OceanCable is the official company of Videryo !

On the website of Videryo you will see at the bottom “OceanCable LLC - 2019”

Videryo: 30 days later…

No news of it, i’ll doubt it’ll ever come out.

First, nothing has come out of it instand of a fuck-ton of Twitter accounts.
Second, no announcement of anything, no private alpha test or anything.

Actually, there is news

  • Developement is gonna start
  • We are searching for developers/staff
  • And well i thought i losted contact with a developer which is Orlando (@tailswave) but he comes back so yeah
  • Private Beta for Beta Tester will come in 2020