Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)


so we’re getting both WLM 2009 and YMSG 5 soon

fucking NEATO


Plus IRC. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also the much-announced cross-platform messaging, meaning MSN <-> Yahoo! will be a thing, albeit unofficially, along with support for other different messaging platforms to talk to each other (AIM and MSN, Yahoo! and AIM, so on and so forth).


What will that irc do?
Is it some kind of relay?


What Y! versions will be supported?

Also, how will the IRC bridge work?


Yahoo! Messenger 5.5 or any YMSG10-compliant client will be supported during intial deployment. Protocol versions after or before will be implemented later on.

As for the IRC frontend, it can’t let users have private conversations with users on networks outside of IRC, but it will let you access any public chats with your current account.