Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)


imparently people are actually on this

I’m surprised
if only we had more msn games, then it would be easier to play


rip the GitHub version of ttt is broke on IE


wait I think something is messed up
the names appear twice


how is insert your now still a thing


ROFL. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes! I finally fixed that dreaded “empty parentheses next to an offline contact’s name” problem! :smiley:



yay n°2


That’s good. Keep on going!




Yahooooo! :wink:


Pls stop


any new updates?

also, is there any way to connect?


Still refining and tweaking the codebase. Also adding new features as well. For example, I added some code for an alias manager, since that was a feature of Yahoo! Messenger, however, due to a design flaw in the database, storing a person’s aliases does nothing right now.

There are also some global additions due to some new findings on the YMSG protocol. I found out that there was a YMSG service tailored to system messages and an Alerts feature we could possibly exploit to deliver system updates with. Ever since, I’ve been trying to get around implementing an admin-only system command board, and because I’ve also found documentation on MSN having support for system messages, I’m making it an all-in-one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just know that the frontend isn’t publicly available yet and we’re still getting some things worked on before we release it. :slight_smile:


wonderful!!. now let´s go to the next step:
join these three networks in a single app.


A Java phone aplication like that being able to connect to Escargot would be really great!!!


That would be sweet!!! i hope to get one like that in the future. but for now i have to use the one i got recently.


Which one did you got recently?


@Carlos_A I got Blackberry Passport recently. not even close to java.

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It’s been 8 months of no updates on the Yahoo! frontend, so I think it’s time I give them here:

First off, the Yahoo! frontend is near completion. Here are a list of things that are completed at the moment:

  • Contact management
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • File transfer (somewhat; P2P works depending on your firewall setup, while HTTP file transfer does work for uploads, but Yahoo! Messenger seems to complain about not being able to download the file)

I’m considering removing alias support, since they’re just another Escargot account and they kind of defeat the purpose of Escargot accounts being global and all. This leaves webcam and addressbook support, which I might be able to do, although addressbook support will have to be thought upon since I’m utilizing the same addressbook system the MSN frontend uses for contacts.

Second off, I and @valtron have had plans to host a frontend that offers a multitude of chats, both predefined and user-created. For a frontend that’d utilize those chats, we settled on Yahoo! Messenger’s Yahoo! Chat feature, since it already supports predefined and user rooms by default, and it’d probably get more users from the fact that the chatrooms would be built right in to your messaging client. Whether this will come in the next server update or afterwards is undecided, but keep an eye out. :wink:

That’s all I have to say about Yahoo! really. We’ll see each other again when the frontend goes live. :smile: