Emoticon Creator 2 [New update]


hes dont starting, windows 8.1 (6.3 9600)


Would be possible some way to upload png images to this program to convert them to MSN emoticons? I mean, the exported icon would have the size of the classic ones.

A friend of mine loved your program, but he said it would be great if the program may create custom emoticons from png images.


From what I understood I will answer like this, first the exported images are already png by default https://i.imgur.com/WIZ3orO.png and they are not exactly the same size as the default ones https://i.imgur.com/G1zon94.png , if i misunderstood please re-explain preferably with images :slight_smile:


you can make a version for ubuntu ?


You’re missing the cat! The cat emoticon is now sad that you forgot him. lol :cat2:


I’m sorry cat :frowning:


I think you can just wine to be able to run it on ubuntu.


eeee that thing not always work


Probably I will find a way eventually.


does it work now?










@Old_Bill a problem :confused:


you had to bump it. didn’t you?


I asked


Search on google “0xc0000135 fix”…


If I’m not mistaken, you need .NET Framework 3.5 to Emoticon Creator 2 work.


Installing rn