Emoticon Creator 2 [New update]


this is beautiful


The creation of Emoticon Creator :smile:


Why chrome says that the installer is a virus?


I have no idea myself.


for me it just says that the installer is not downloaded so much


i love that blue only with XP! Emoticon Creator is best working with Windows XP


this look like office 2003 AngryHappy%20Face


i have office 2003


cool faceface( ilove this pogram )






So nice ! :smiley: Thanks !!


you are welcome enjoy t


This update is great! I do prefer the newer WLM emoticon designs so it’ll be good to use them on older versions of MSN.


Can you add hungarian language?


Sure with the next update.

Fill https://pastebin.com/jFAKkaru this and post it here


Awesome program thanks! :smiley:


Hi, I would like to contribute with a Spanish translation for this app ^^

Please fill the following:

Your (Escargot) email: [is it necessary? I don’t want to expose my email]
Your name (the one that will be put in the credits): Gisselle Frankfurt

About : Acerca de

Help : Ayuda

Flip upper half: Voltear parte superior

Flip lower half: Voltear parte inferior

Random: Aleatorio

Elements: Elementos

Lower half: Parte inferior

Upper Half: Parte superior

Save: Guardar

\\\ About message \\\

Made by Old Bill, 2017. Thanks to Jonthan Kay, Escargot, and everyone
who contributed to keeping MSN alive, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t
have done this program.

\\\ The message in your language \\\

Hecho por Old Bill, 2017. Agradecimientos a Jonathan Kay, Escargot, y todos los que han contribuido para mantener MSN vivo, y si no fuera por ellos, yo no habría hecho este programa.



Thanks for your contributions!
@Gisselle_145 and @penguin001



New languages/ideas are welcomed, if you have any just post here.