Emoticon Creator 2 [New update]

Hello everyone, it has been a while and I promised this update that some asked me for and I wanted to share with you, and it is finally done.

Probably most of you are familiar with what Emoticon Creator is, and it already has a thread but I would like this to be a stand alone one please don’t move it with the old one :slight_smile:

With this program you can create custom emoticons easily without having to use any editors, all you have to do is select how you want it to look from the elements options then wooosh with the save button your emoticon will be ready

Here is the video:

Installer download:


Don’t worry if the browser warns you about the installer, it is actually safe, here is a proof

Zip download:


If you don’t know how to add custom emoticons to your MSN, here is how:

This update include:

5 new languages.

The new WLM emoticons that can be combined with the old ones too.

Updater, it will only show up when there is a new update and you can disable it.
This is what it looks like

Enjoy! sorry for the long wait :slight_smile:


w0w this took like half a year

well done, ok???

Like 11 months, well of course I haven’t been working on it all of that time but still it is been a while.
and cheers.


Yay it has lithuanian thank @Old_Bill this is cool

Good Job! :smiley:

@Old_Bill that xp install music is nostalgish i love it listening to it all day

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This is a really cool program, I love all of the emoticons so far.

When I can get my laptop working again, I’ll definitely give this thing a go. :stuck_out_tongue:


now i can put wlm2012 emoticons in wlm8.5


for @Old_Bill

Thanks it does look great in XP, but XP itself is great so what do you expect?

I don’t know

xp is my 3° favorite OS :smiley: jus losing for windows 8.1 and WINDOWS VISTA

people hate me for this

Don’t worry about haters, like what you wanna like :stuck_out_tongue:

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i know :stuck_out_tongue: i simply dont care

That’s the spirit!