Creating your own WLM 2009 server the easy way

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I can confirm that it does except for the user creation part. You only have to enter the email there(with no braces), it asks for the password later.

Will WLM 2009 ever be available to download through escargot like WLM 8.5 and 8.1? Creating your own server involves too many steps in my opinion.

I think we will get WLM 2009 by summer. You just have to be patient.


Any can share guide for Linux? :smiley:

You have to do it on Windows.

AFAIK the OP does not know how to run it on Linux.

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If you’re having issues with HLL, use this installer:
visualcppbuildtools_full.exe (3.1 MB)
You will need 3 GB of free space for the install.

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and damn i havent made a reply on this thread in months

by the way to newcomers:
the master branch should work, disregard the top edit.

yeah the issue was fixed, just change edit the main post

well you see the problem is I CAN’T

i could do you an favor and do an updated post