Creating your own WLM 2009 server the easy way


Ok when you downloaded that one, did you keep the name the same and deleted the old one and placed the new one in the same place where the old one is, remember you set the pythonpath to where the old one is. so replace the old one with the new one.




Alright now try doing python -m pip install -r requirements.txt along with python -m pip install pycryptodome then add a file including the following:

DEBUG = True


i did these three times


Did you add the file?


yes i did


Yh copy that to the new msn server you downloaded. I can see the directory name and it says msn-server-feature-wlm2009, you need to copy that file and paste it in the new msn server you downloaded


yes i renamed master folder to this
also the pythonpath


What theme are you using on Windows 10? it looks realy neat


It’s an issue with typing. I wonder if GenericMeta was removed in 3.7. :thinking:


Did you delete your old one before replacing it with the new one or did you merge them


which python version do you use?


Oh it looks like GenericMeta is a 3.6 thing. You’re going to have to downgrade to Python 3.6.


Ok, let’s test with that


Thats weird, I have Python 3.7 and my WLM server is working fine except for the part when you text from one side and the other user doesn’t receive the messages. Tested this on MSN polygamy.


now i cant compile that

My build tools are installed. VS C++ too


Run python -m pip install --upgrade pip


same error


Alright reinstall python and run the entire tutorial again


I did that