Creating your own WLM 2009 server the easy way


Yeah, i did it again. Still 80048820,


let’s run through this. you:

  • installed it to the Local Machine?
  • installed it to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority?
  • are sure the certificate is not expired?

  1. yes
  2. what’s that?
    you mean “Content”?
  3. cerificate will be expried in march,




you did it :clap:

as stated before, if you want to chat you can install MSN Polygamy to open more than 1 WLM window or chat over the LAN (given your machines have the same cert installed).


Does it work with other versions of messenger? like connecting a pre-patched escargot version of msn into my computer while using the 2009 servers.


no that doesnt work


that’s ok


I have make the server but i have this


Upgrade to SP1, dammit!


Im on SP1…


Oh, upgrade IE to the latest version instead.




install the certificate as such.


How to execute this page for install certificate ?


go to /dev/cert and install the Do Not Trust cert


thanks man




can you PM me your Hamachi network? i wanna help test to see if this works.