Appledoo's Guide On When And When Not To Bump A Thread

sorry yellows lolmao

Hi. My name is Jordan, but most people know me on here as appledoo. I’ve been on this forum for a fair while (two years and about a month as of the time I type this), and I’ve noticed a bunch of old threads resurface. While in some cases, this is perfectly fine, in other cases, it is not. In this thread. I will list examples of when and when not to bump a thread.

TL;DR: Don’t bump a thread if you add nothing of value. Please.

When Not To Bump A Thread

Adding Nothing Of Value

Theoretical example;

This should hopefully be self-explanatory.

If I think of anything else for this, I’ll edit more stuff in later. Throw me suggestions.

When To Bump A Thread

Asking A Question

Hopefully this should be self explanatory. This is for troubleshooting and the like.

Asking If Something’s Still "A Thing"

This is for things like Escargot Games (which has been defunct for a while, and probably doesn’t need to exist as Tic Tac Toe was added to escargot). It shouldn’t be posted if it says [OBSOLETE] in the title, or something along those lines.

Confirming Something Old Still Works

Self explanatory.

Saying Something Doesn’t Work

Self explanatory, although you shouldn’t post this if it’s confirmed it doesn’t work in the title. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

This isn’t exactly complete, and it’s also rather rough; however, I still feel I should get this out. Thanks to @TReKiE for help.