Appledoo's Guide On What To Do During A Flame War

Hi. My name is Jordan, but most people know me on here as appledoo. I’ve been on this forum for a fair while (two years and about a month as of the time I type this), and I’ve seen my fair share of garbage. This is why I’m going to teach you what to do when someone pisses you off.

TL;DR: Look at the three words below this sentence.

Flag & Block

Holy tapdancing fetuses, Batman, sure you didn’t expect this coming! Unfortunately, this is the only reasonable thing to do when someone is pissing you off. Admittedly, I am a hypocrite, but I was more or less trying to mediate rather than throwing thermite on the oil fire by saying “HA HA YOU’RE GAY”. On the subject of flags, though, if a thread gets a lot of flags on some of its replies in an extraordinarily fast period of time, it will be closed for 24 hours, presumably to let the fire die down. As well, if someone gets a bunch of flags (like, 10 or something) in a short period of time, they will be muted for some time as well [citation needed].

How Do You Block, Anyways?

Go to someone’s profile.
Click on “Ignored” and set how long you want to block them for. (I go for 4 months if they’re a real nuisance.)

That’s it. It literally takes less than 15 seconds.

Just like my guide on when not to bump a thread, I threw this together in about 15 minutes. Please excuse me if it’s a bit rough.


dont be me