[OBSOLETE] Select versions of old ICQ clients work! Here's how to get connected


If you’re not aware, there are older versions of ICQ that still work. 2001b and up, to be exact. And the fact that ICQ still offers UINs makes it all the more possible for users old and new.

If you don’t have an ICQ account with a password set up on it or if you don’t have one at all, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Go to www.icq.com and register an account as per usual (that does mean registering with your phone number, which isn’t escapable at this point). Registered users can skip this part.

Step 2: Set up your basic details, like your first name and last name (you’d be forced to fill them out during the registration process, so they’d already be set up, but you can change or remove them at any time), nickname, etc., if you want.

Step 3: If you don’t have a password set up on your ICQ and if you’ve just registered, this a key player - Wait exactly 24 hours since the day you registered on ICQ.


If you want to log in onto the older versions of the ICQ client, you have to have a password set up on your account. And since the ICQ site doesn’t even offer that option anymore during registration, you have to seek the password recovery service. But here’s yet another caveat - if you have had your ICQ account for less that 24+ hours, ICQ will refuse to let you reset your password unless the criteria has been met. This leaves you no other choice but to leave your ICQ account for 24+ hours until you can technically set a password on it.

Step 3.5: Once the criteria has been met, go back to the password recovery page without being logged in and follow the instructions on the page to set your new password. To be compliant with the old ICQ client, make sure the password is 8 characters or less.

Step 4 (Optional): If you don’t want to actually reset your password by getting a SMS code every time or if you want people to find you via e-mail, log in with either your UIN and password or phone number at icq.com, go to your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the page, and click on “My Profile”, where you’ll be able to edit your details. In the “Email address” column, click on “Add”, where you’ll have to enter in your ICQ password and your e-mail address in order to link the e-mail address.

Got your account set up? Great! Now let’s get to actually installing ICQ onto your computer:

Step 5: Now that the ICQ account setup has been dealt with, time to actually download your flavour of legacy ICQ client. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend you’d go to oldversion.com for your old application needs, but since its ICQ downloads don’t seem to work, plus the fact that oldapps.com has had its downloads broken for a while, try searching for the legacy client you want to use. The earliest retro version of ICQ that still works with the servers is ICQ 2000a, and the latest retro versions that work are ICQ Pro 2003b and ICQ 5.0. ICQ6.5 and above do work as-is, but 5.1 and 6.0 will only work with the ICQ Update Patcher or else they will display a required auto-update dialog that prevents you from logging in onto those versions of the clients, according to what I’ve heard from @TheSimpsonsSeeker199. Anyways, here’s a copy of ICQ 2001b I downloaded from an archive of the OldApps file download server and stuffed into my Dropbox to get you started (and if you’re really that retro :stuck_out_tongue:):

Step 6 (For users using Vista and above): Assuming that you have already installed your flavour of ICQ, if you have ICQ 2001b - ICQ Pro 2003b installed, do the following:

  • Press [Windows Key] + R. The Run dialog will open up.
  • Type in C:\Program Files\ICQ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\ICQ if you’re using a 64-bit system) into the dialog and press Enter.
  • An Explorer window located inside ICQ’s program folder should appear. Locate the ICQ executable (the one with the flower icon), right-click on it, and select “Properties”.
  • In the properties window, select the “Compatibility” tab, select “Change settings for all users”, and in the resulting window, check “Run this program as an Administrator” under the “Privilege Level” column, and press OK.

The reason you have to do this starting in Vista and above is because if ICQ is run as-is, it will immediately quit itself after launch.

Step 7: Launch ICQ, login as normal, and you should be connected and be able to talk to your contacts. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading this, and enjoy your future ICQ endeavors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if anyone’s willing to add me, my UIN is 740907337. :stuck_out_tongue:


oldversion.com’s also been kinda broken (for me atleast) for about almost a week.

well oldapps.com is 100% unsable


ICQ 5 works as well for me but I tested it on Windows ME using VMware since there’s an error occured during a new ICQ version download update!

I found this utility that could let ICQ 6, 7, and other versions of ICQ (that currently don’t work on the ICQ servers) work on the ICQ servers. Can someone try this utility with those versions of ICQ and see if it works? (I don’t have a phone number to register on ICQ.). http://murb.com/index.php?page_id=498

Ah. Looks like this could fix the issue ICQ 5.1/6.x have after logging in (the auto-update thing).

Will look into this later. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I will also try that out after I get out of school.

Finally got to download the thing, and this is the first thing I see when I run the installer:


Since I have a feeling that the program itself might be risky to run, maybe I should go a different route with this.

Just uncheck the checkbox for it and click Next.

this probaly dosent work in newer browsers

Who knows? But just uncheck it, @OhHelloThereImTheGuy.

Please note that my skepticism doesn’t come from the adware. I’m talking about the actual program, and how I don’t want to potentially infect myself with something that might be more nasty than adware, since programs tied to adware installers tend to be a bit sketchy.

I’ll go run it on of my sandbox VMs tomorrow and see if I’m just worrying about nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me repeat this:


Assume and mock all you want, but the adware offer just raised a red flag that the ACTUAL APPLICATION the program installs might be sketchy on its own, plus I know that the adware is OPTIONAL.

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I know that, that’s why is the meme (or you’re going to say me that you don’t understand jokes -.-)

Also, i watched that uTorrent does that when you install it

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy is triggered :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure that was supposed to be funny? Because it really isn’t in context (plus I had to deal with two other buggers who thought I was bickering about the adware. I get easily ticked off by others who even remotely show that, not-so-obvious joke or not).

me and @msnnostalgia ? :stuck_out_tongue: