You have a website? post it!

(Ignore that its down at the moment)

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Only website I have redirects to my Plex media server. No, you can not have space on it. Haha.

    (It may shut down at any time due to random power outages)

  • Content: Landing, Escargot translation with Weblate, Blog (Technology and personal), projects showcase [Everything is still a WIP]

  • English

(currently not up, bringing up for a project idea)

Content: possible Escargot client for Linux

Language: English

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oh no, did i just made new .xyz trend?

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I mean literally, .xyz domains are fucking cheap on NameSilo

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I got mine at Uniregistry. $2.


Literally 0.99$ per year.

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language: English

Website content: i mean just… ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Here, you dropped this



Language: English

Content: It’s more of a personal portfolio. Includes all projects I’ve done and current ones (All of them are SM related).


If anyone wants a free domain name you can get .tk still for free.


Although it’s going to be hosted by Freenom, which can sometimes hjack old sites with ads of Freenom’s DNS tracking bullshit,


Site: (thats the whole link lol)

Language: English.

Content: Links to my uh… profiles (YT, Steam, etc). (other things will be added later)

(I’m planning to get more into the website soon, so dont expect it to be nice and clean right now)


Website URL:

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Website content: It’s a blog, so I will post anything that I want (cibersecurity, technology, some geek posts, etc.)

yes, my site is not anymore


Website URL:

Language: English

Website content: little info about me, projects I’m working on


you’re hosted on trexion?

s u p e r i o r