You have a website? post it!


You have a website and you wanna do it at least a little bit recognized or you only want to share your website with the MessinjahGeek friends?


Website URL:

Language: Greekianslighs

Website content: Sports, Electronic, etc.

In my case: Andreso website

Website URL:

Language: Spanish

Website content: in the “Blog” page i post threads of any thematical, in the “AndresoDescargas” page i post Downloads for programs, games, anime, etc.



I was talking about a more personal website, nothing related to MSN like the msn-messengeris-cool sites or the dead Deathlife23 sites



Toca do Rio

Website URL:

Language: Brazillian Portuguese

Website content: Technology, cibersecurity, and Sonic Rom Hacking.


My website is, although updates on it have been slow lately because I’ve ran out of good ideas for it.

#7 (and other sub-pages, which might be in progress right now)

Language: English

Website content: Landing page (like a menu to go to my blog, projects archive and social media)


Language: Russian, but you can use translator


Website URL:

Language: Every

Website content: All