You have a website? post it!

upd: Language: Russian, Esperanto, (English coming soon!)

I also have a blog that goes alongside my website:

It’s entirely in English and it’s just a place for me to write about things that interest me.

i will make a site

updoot: moved my website to an ACTUAL DOMAIN WOOEIWEIEW

website url:

language: english only.

website content: my 80% finished new website. the escargot redesign idea is privated into a subfolder now.

if you have any suggestions to what i should add on my website, PM me.

Website: (hosted by ui6215)
Language: English
Website content: The site is about the OS Mockup Kit, a collection of graphics and sounds for creating OS mockups, alongside the OS Graphic and Sound Kits for people who aren’t interested in mockups.

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Language: Portuguese (Brazilian)
Website content: technology, cibersecurity, and what I want - it’s a personal blog :stuck_out_tongue:

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Website URL:
Language: English
Website content: Random :stuck_out_tongue:

Website URL:

Language: Spanish

Website content: A little of everything.

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I have a website, it’s
It will be avilable English as well soon.
A chat system where you can watch youtube video multiple with your firends. or draw, play games etc…

language: all
website content: its a fucking fortnite default dance gif, since idk anything else to put on it and im wasting server space:tm: for it

(i just checked it, something seems wrong atm for it, so, i guess just wait until it works again, if it ever does)

language: PT-BR
Website content: ahhh… idk
P.S: not ready

content: a new messageboard, nothing much to see here

language: english

3 months later lul

Here it is… It’s my website but i think i’ll recreate it…
Content= IDK :stuck_out_tongue:

new website from me:

i tried redesigning my site , Spanish, my projects, I’m a VB.Net programmer.

Website URL:

Language: English

Website content: Mostly a portfolio


Only website I have redirects to my Plex media server. No, you can not have space on it. Haha.