WLM 8.x server downgrade


I Recently installed wlm 8.5 on my pc, well, i heard an tool called “server downgrader” or something like that, if i had, i could downgrade and use escargot with it?


credit: Mateus rick


i tried downgrading and then patching, the autopatcher actually patched, but i cant login,im able to see my profile picture


update: it bricked the program.


ANOTHER UPDATE: it didnt, heres the screen:


EDIT: I thought I needed an extra server besides the .exe file. But as Tristanleboss said in the next posts does not need.

In order for MSN Downgrader to work, you need another server, responsible for translating MSNP12 information so that an MSNP13 client can communicate. Unfortunately there is no source code that shows how it works.

Only the MSNP13 Downgrader program and Escargot server is still not enough.

Soon we can have news about 8.x versions. They are working to make this possible, and some interesting results are already possible, but only for development purposes.


@Mateus_Rick It may be possible to make it work. Indeed, the proxy is the MSNP13Downgrader.exe file.

The setup will add a line to the hosts file in order to redirect muser.messenger.hotmail.com to which is the domain name used by WLM 8.x betas.

The exe file try to bind to port 1863.

By doing a quick check, it seems the exe file was just proxying the data to messenger.hotmail.com. So, at this time, muser.messenger.hotmail.com was probably using the new MSNP protocol and messenger.hotmail.com was still using the old version.

The exe file probably change few commands before proxying them like the VER (MSNP13, MSNP12) or CHL (YMM8C_H7KCQ2S_KL, PROD0090YUAUV{2B) ones. It was probably tricking the Messenger server to talk using MSNP13 which is probably still understood by 8.x…

MSNP13DowngraderCracked-MastaLine_com (1).zip (333.9 KB)


Actually, adding a line in your hosts file to redirect messenger.hotmail.com to (Escargot server IP address) will make it work: using SocketSniff, I can clearly see Messenger communicating with the proxy and the proxy communicating with Escargot server up to sending the USR 3 TWN S command.

But, you need a patched msidcrl.dll and I don’t think the one we have for 7.5 will work with 8.x. At least, it crashes 8.0.290.

Using the original msidcrl.dll file with a genuine Microsoft account, will allow the connexion to go a step closer with Messenger sending the USR 4 TWN S t= reply. Unfortunately, the token is not recognized by Escargot server because it comes from the Live.com real server instead of the Escargot server and it replies with a 911 4 error. But it does work…


The MSNP13Downgrader.exe file can be patched to proxy to m1.escargot.log1p.xyz instead of messenger.hotmail.com. Simply search for messenger.hotmail.com and replace it with m1.escargot.log1p.xyz in the exe file (offset 1A678 if you used the cracked setup file I provided).

Once patched, it can probably be used with the final 8.x version also… just redirecting messenger.hotmail.com (instead of muser.messenger.hotmail.com) to with your hosts file…

@valtron Interesting…


Very interesting. In fact I never analyzed the file very well because I thought he needed an extra server. Now you’ve been very clear.

Can this proxy also simulate an ABCH server?


I don’t think so. It’s just a proxy which receive and transmit commands to another server. It doesn’t simulate any server (MSNP, ABCH, …).


Ok now teach me how to make it work in only 1 awser because theres 300 explaining


It can’t yet work as Escargot server doesn’t yet implement an address book service.

It won’t probably be needed anyway because if Escargot server implements an address book service, it will probably implements the MSNP protocol used by 8.x


As far as we know right now, this downgrader cannot make Windows Live Messenger (any version) work with Escargot. The way that Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and newer gets your contact list is totally different, and as I understand it this downgrader relied on the fact that Microsoft already had the WLM 8/MSNP13 servers up for testing. So unfortunately for the time being, WLM 8.0 and higher are not, and cannot be, supported.


Ah ah… we responded at the exact same time. I do prefer your answer :wink:


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