WLM 8 calls dont work

calling contacts used to work in MSN 7.5 older version but now its broken in WLM 8 how do oyou fix it?

Basically, they don’t work in WLM 8.x. :stuck_out_tongue:

i know that so i want to fix it. contact cant call bcuz when they call it wont show for me and when i send call it wont show for them and we never recieve request

They don’t work, period. Nothing you can do at this point, for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no way to fix it in 8.x as it doesn’t work as mentioned above, but calls are highly dependent on both your network configuration and your contacts regardless as it requires a direct connection both to and from your contact. When these versions of Messenger were originally released, It was very common for calls to work one day and then another due to UPnP issues, router ALGs, and other problems.

I think it’s low priority to be fixed given the usage over other desired features in Messenger now.

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MSN should’ve gone the Yahoo! route, and create a central voice server to solve those direct connection problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

but i would use it so often!! why not to make it work in WLM 8 when in MSN7.5 it worked really well? can it just use same script as old one to connect that way? or do we need a plug-in? i really want it to work to call…i dont want to have to downgrade messengers

It’s baked in to the software, there isn’t any way to remove it in 8.x that I can think of.

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As quoted from @TReKiE:

If you’re that desperate to get voice calls working, you’d might as well downgrade Messenger versions. Sorry, but it’s the only feasible way rn. :stuck_out_tongue:

we had perfect connection to be able to call… we have same internet connection and it did work before// i think maybe new call plug-inn will work … and i dont want t downgrade bcuz it will also lose
good features!

There’s also router ALGs, or Application Layer Gateways, as @TReKiE said, which aren’t as present in modern routers. :stuck_out_tongue:

its just when we upgraded to WLM we cannot call anymore… maybe to fix it or to make a “game” plug-in or application to be in messenger that can call contact? just like how MSN7 work… by the way thank you for fast reply

Read, I say. READ!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i understood! but i still want to try fixing! not exactly remove but add separate call feature?

Not possible with Messenger “plugins,” and even with the activities, that would still require P2P connections from you and your contact. So nope, not possible.

p2p connections work. everything works except for call. even with video call there is video but no sound!

Messenger uses very unreliable ways of voice calling, to say the least (like UPnP, ALGs, etc.).

@TReKiE stated this beforehand.

Here’s a bit of backstory that might help: in Windows XP, the real-time communication APIs (ie. voice calling) were added into Windows, and Messenger 4.x is the demo application to show off this feature, as well as the included SIREN voice codec that was very impressive at the time. This same RTC library is included in MSN Messenger up to and including MSN Messenger 7.5 (rtcdll.dll).

Beginning in the newer versions of Messenger, they stopped using this and started using their own library (well, a version of the original), which is why there’s a big difference.

There is however, backwards compatibility with the older version but given the protocol problem when you go initiate a call on 8.x now, I’m not sure the compatibility ever takes effect or if it could be made to do so effectively. It would probably be faster to try and fix the server problem than try and build a client-side solution to this, and like I said, there really isn’t that much interest.

Instead, I would suggest as a workaround that you use something else like Skype Web or Google Hangouts, where you can just send a link to your contact and use a browser for communication.

i hope after prioritys are finished then there will be a fix for calls. browser calls take too into internet… me and my contacts can use client-side solutoins install? it would be easy to …but i would be very grateful for server problem fix …i will wait