Wlm 8.5 contact to talk!

I’d like to talk with you about sports, Discord, and even more! Please show me your email so I’d like to speak with you as a friend!


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i added you from your email because i found it in your profile

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same here

He was banned from escargot

wonder what happened

He was fake “beluga” and now he is banned from escargot because he was imitating another person

that was obvious lol

lol nice to see scammers are still roaming…

he aint a scammer, scammer is different from this, he is more of a “faker” or “imposter”

I’m not a fake beluga

No, I’m not a faker

Prove that with material, because saying it in text won’t make everyone believe you.

yes you do, i see animadoria replying for you dont act like we dont know you are another person

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show us your youtube studio! do a selfie since we already know what you look like! WHATEVER JUST GIVE US A PROOF

i am tired of this fucking beluga shit and if i were admin on this forum (which would be a bad idea) then i’d fucking IP ban the shit out of saged ali and his fake belugas.

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I Hate @sagad_ali which he posts too many times which we want to ban him. he didn’t listen to the community guidelines

then why do you type just like @sagad_ali? Beluga dosen’t type like a 13 years boy that has just been banned two times in a row, and Animadoria is right of banning you, don’t think we don’t know you are @sagad_ali, you’re not trying to trick anyone here.
P.S:. i hate Beluga and i don’t watch him, as i probably know from my ex-friend who watches his videos: Beluga wouldn’t ever join Escargot and MessengerGeek, only Discord.


Sure! anonymus652@protonmail.com feel free to add me

I will add you, 1 sec