WLM 8.1 Messenger Plus! Sounds


I come to the forum because i have a problem with Messenger Plus! (4.83.374), me and my friend we have installed the patch of “Messenger Plus! 3” but he still not work, we can only send the basics sounds, we need a new patch for the 4.83.374 or the old patch work ?

Thanks for your help

PS : sorry for my english i’m french :sweat_smile:



Yeah this isn’t working right now, if there’s tremendous interest in getting this to work again I’ll see what I can do later this week.


Ok, thanks for the response and a very big thanks for all the work you made to keep Messenger alive :clap: :+1:
A big thanks from France :v:



Really wish to have this working again!!!


There’s definitely a large number of interest for this feature judging by the amount of threads regarding it.


Yeah, JK, I’m pretty sure a bunch of people that are back to MSN are really excited to see the custom Plus! sounds working again. It was a big part of the messenger. Please make it happen, we are all going to be grateful for your work :grinning:


Although i wonder how hes going to fix it. The original msnplus server is down. I miss sending my friend sounds.


Please bring it back!!!


currently no other messenger offer this feature. If you can fix it, it’d prob bring more people into escargot.


@TReKiE What’s the actual problem? You already coded an alternative sound server back in august, don’t you?


I thought so too… I guess he’s too busy with other things right now.


Yes but some people like me can have a look at it.


Okay, TreKie did not recode the Plus! sound server. What he did was a redirection.

Reaching http://pl.messengergeek.com/plusnd/builtin?code=43 will redirect to http://sounds.msgpluslive.net/esnd/snd/builtin?code=43 which is now a dead server.

Coding a new server should not be too hard but has someone saved the builtin sounds? :smiley:


For those interested, I worked on this on the weekend and I’ll be deploying something later on this week assuming no issues.


This is partially correct. The GETs were redirection, then POSTs had to be fully uploaded and then re-uploaded to the real server.


Ok, thanks for the explaination :smiley: Glad to know you have something to deliver soon, I was starting to think you were too busy.

Maybe the easiest thing would have been to store everything on the Escargot server… If it works well, maybe your work could be ported to Python? This would allow everything related to Messenger to be located on the same domain/server avoiding any problem.


Yes!! Thanks JK, can’t wait for it! :grin:


sweeeeeet!!! so glad to hear that


Tristan did it for you, so I am throwing out mine.


That works, thank you so much :heart_eyes: