Wlm 8.1 is out but i cant access it in Windows 7

How? i cant access in Windows 7 the WLM 8.1 i installed but i cant access
how to get!

Did you installed the patched version and registered on the web? Also, have into account that certain WLM 8 versions may not work. I reccomend you download 8.5.


you have bumped a post from a troll that kinda caused this community to get shittier and shittier

also its from 3 months ago lmao

Are you sure he is a troll? Maybe he just has bad grammar.

I mean, I’m not entirely sure he’s a troll either, but before he was banned:

  • He kept pestering for the release of WLM 8.1, 2009, and 2012
  • Generally being an annoying twat
  • Starting up projects he’d never actually do
    …so, yea.

HE IS A 10 YEAR OLD CHILD WHO LIKE TO IRRITATE OTHERS , just this :slight_smile:

no stop

I don’t see any sign of him being a banned user. Its profile looks just like any other.

He was banned. But now he just doesn’t have the ability to make threads or post replies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you think that I would look at an old announcement post? No one does!

yea tru