Forum update - Leo, rules, other news



A special thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts and suggestions on recent forum events, it really makes a big difference to myself and the community and you can continue to do so at any time.


I would like to inform you that @Leo_Historias has now been blocked from this forum. This means he can no longer make or reply to topics. Exactly how long that block remains will be reviewed at a later date.


A lot of you have supplied input on some specific rules you think would be valuable, but these are not yet ready to be enacted. A better list of rules will be formalized soon and further public discussion will be done.

In the meantime, I have decided on some temporary rules of threads/posts that are not desired:

  • Leo jokes
    This was already taken too far and most certainly is not appropriate now.
  • Begging threads for newer versions of Messenger, features, etc.
    I assume this will be somewhat diminished with Leo’s departure, but please, no more of them.
  • Insults to others
    Just a reminder that this will not be tolerated.

Please continue to flag any of these I miss and any other threads or posts that do meet the guidelines of “civil conversation”. I know a lot of you are quite witty, and of course humour is still allowed, but please be sure to use the R&R category.

Other news

Over the past few weeks, I have been finalizing an upgrade to the newer version of discourse, and this will also make it possible to better stay up-to-date with the latest versions going forward. Among some other features that have been added, this means theme support, including a built-in dark theme. If you are at all interested in making a theme, please let me know.

Also, I am on the lookout for good moderators, but please don’t ask to be one.

Thank you

A final thank you all for being here and contributing your time, creativity, good humour and love of Messenger. I never expected this forum would balloon into such a vibrant community and I appreciate your help in transforming it into a better place for everyone. :slight_smile:

Im gonna be honest with you
MessengerGeek Forum Retrospective - 2017
Wlm 8.1 is out but i cant access it in Windows 7


Thank you.


Maybe a MSN 2003 theme?, I need to learn the Discourse Theme engine tho.
(PS to JK: expect more MSN/Live themes soon)


Thanks for following some of my suggestions @TReKiE I really do appreciate it. Hopefully with this here we can finally have some peace, although I do like some of the humor posted aha. But seriously, the three rules here are basically enough to keep us in check, if you need suggestions for any more I don’t mind sending you some, but at the moment I’m just glad that everything may go back to normal soon :slight_smile:


I have tons of respect for you, @trekie for being able to run a forum of this size singlehandedly. However, I do suggest moderators to help make the running of this forum easier for you.


Finally, a forum update. Thanks for getting rid of that spam over here, cause we normal users couldn’t handle it. Hope that by addition of the dark theme there will be a Nostalgia theme(look a like of MSN’s sites, if it’s possible ofc)


Thanks @TReKie!


Maybe you need tho block @Leo_Histarias too


God thank you guys !


Thank you @TReKiE


can that dark them come early
my eyes hurt from all the dark apps i use