WLM 2009 Winks problem after a forced Windows 10 "flash-killing" update

WLM 2009 Winks problem after a Flash-killing Windows 10 update:

The problem is that a Windows update totally deleted every flash related content from my friend’s PC. Since then the MSN winks are not working, she can send only one Wink, and the others are not playing (and she doesn’t see my winks either), only when she sign out and sign in again, she can send/receive only one wink again.:

Deleted the Flash removal update, set the system to an earlier date, uninstalled WLM 2009, applied Flash reviver again, nothing changed:

Jonathan, could you find a solution for this problem? Maybe adapt Flash reviver to this new problem?
I am afraid that this Flash-killing update will sooner or later be installed on my pc as well.

I count on your knowledge, as usual. :slight_smile:

WLM 2009:

Windows 10 Home:

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Use Messenger Flash Reviver

Thanks Alzcore397, but Flash Reviver has already patched WLM 2009 and the problem still exists.
The Winks worked fine with the use of Flash Reviver before this new Windows update. Since then my friend can send or receive only 1 wink without singing out and in again.

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ask @TReKiE maybe he can help you.but thats a strange problem.

Greetings again Cubina!

Especially when using my tool, which separates Flash completely from the Windows version, I don’t really believe the Flash removal update (which has been around for almost 10 months now) is the cause of this problem. If anything, if an update is the cause, it would more likely to be a display adapter driver update, which is a total guess strictly from past experience, but it might be worth exploring downgrading the display driver if it got updated on their PC recently.

A few follow-up questions though:

  1. You said that subsequent winks after the first one won’t play, does that mean the visual/animation part, or the audio too?
  2. As I’m sure you’re aware, you can preview winks in the Winks window, as well as click on them again in the conversation window to play them again. Does it work to preview the winks before sending them? And in a new session, before sending any winks, can more than one wink be previewed before it breaks?
  3. Lastly, if it’s possible, could you get a screenshot of the conversation window from her end after you send a second wink? Seeing how it displays (or doesn’t) in the window might yield some ideas. Please feel free to blur/mark out any personal/private info in the image.
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Thank you for your reply Jonathan! :slight_smile:

I know that this update is around since long time, but it was installed on my friend’s PC only few days ago. I think we get this update with a delay in Hungary. I didn’t receive this update yet, that’s why my winks are working.

We are sure that this Flash-killer update ruined her Winks, because she can see in the update history that a new update was installed few days ago and in the details it shows that this update is to completely remove any and every Flash related content from her PC. And exactly since then the winks have this problem.

No display driver has been updated.

When she signs in, she can send or receive only 1 wink, and then when she tried to send another one, Messenger shows that the wink was sent but it doesn’t play or give any sound. I can see and hear it, but she can’t. It plays without any problem in the Preview window, she can play more than one, but when she tries to send them to me, they don’t work there. I see that she sent one and it works fine on my side, but she just see the image of the wink in the conversation as a sent wink.

Sometimes even the first wink freezes on her screen and the others are not playing.

The update she got is Windows 10 version 21H1.

I attach the screeshot of what I see and what she sees when trying to send the wink.

Thank you for your help in advance :slight_smile:


So many nice colours there :smile:

I see why there’s some of the confusion with the updates. There’s the original update to remove Flash, and then this latest version of Windows 10 (21H1), which I assume also removes Flash as it’s not part of the operating system anymore.

With that in mind, if you are looking for something to try right now, you could reverse what I said before, and look for a display driver update that might be more compatible. However, given all the details you’ve just provided, I am highly skeptical it will do anything, but you could try.

I have some more testing to do before I start trying to think up anything else, but my apologies, I didn’t have time to do that just yet. I was however wondering one other thing, do you get the same results if you (or her) attempt to send one of the default winks that come with Messenger (the UFO, the pig, etc.)?

(Flower Fart sure is cute!)


Hi Jonathan! :slight_smile:

Flower fart is our favourite wink (beside the laughing popcorn, which is unfortunately nowhere to be found).

The problem is the same with the default winks. Only the first one works, and the others freeze on the screen and disappear only if the conversation window is closed and opened again or by signing out and in again.

I don’t think that another display driver will solve this problem, but we will try anyway.

If you have any other idea, please share it with me because this problem is very annoying.
Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile: