Messenger Flash Reviver

SHA-1: 23098BE0BD0F63E50F9FEFF8F1694363142EF1A9

With the immediate demise of Adobe Flash, Messenger Flash Reviver restores the Flash-enabled features (winks, dynamic display pictures) of all versions of Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger by installing a portable version of Flash and then modifying Messenger to use it.

How to use

  • Download and run Messenger Flash Reviver
  • The Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger executable file will be automatically detected, or alternatively, you can select the location of the file in any Messenger installation
  • Press the Start button
  • Messenger will be Flash revived, and then restarted for use



  • Any version of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, in any language
  • Any version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10


  • Optional automatic backup of modified file
  • Optional restart of Messenger
  • Full logging
  • Command line parameters
  • Silly little easter egg
  • UI available in English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Greek

Command Line Parameters

Parameter Meaning
/run Automatically starts reviving
/exe [PathToExe] Sets the path to the Messenger executable file
/nobackup Disables making a backup of the file before reviving
/nomsgrstart Disables Messenger from being restarted
/norestartwin If files are not modifiable, prevents Windows from being restarted to complete reviving (automatic Windows restart feature triggered by /run)
/? or /help Shows this helpful table

Errors return errorlevels -2 through -10, successes return 0 or 2, view errorlevel documentation.

For more information, see the blog topic.


jonathan went very instantly making a flash reviver


Thank you Jon ! :slight_smile:

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good job :wink:
it should be build into patched setup imo, some pcs already had FP uninstalled

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yeah escargot probably don’t want that. for some reasons

bonjours, et bien moi cela ne fonctionne pas, code erreur80072ee7

L’erreur 80072ee7 signifie que Messenger ne peut pas trouver l’adresse IP du serveur. Ce logiciel n’affectera pas la connexion ou les composants réseau de Messenger.

Hey trekie, I really love that reviver! I knew you would make something like this after flash’s end!

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Messenger winks and the Windows XP tour are the only reasons I like flash. Other than those, Flash was an accessibility nightmare! I’m very thankful for the new Flash Reviver tool; I thought winks would be dead forever! The tool is awesome with screen readers, too!

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Me: wait its all french and english?
TReKiE: always has been

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