WLM 2009 Skin for 8.5

Original thread:Tema de Windows Live messenger 2009 para Windows Live Messenger 8.5
This is a more accurate version of roflmao456’s (remastered by Luis_Leandro) 2009 skin.
Most of the resources have been taken from WLM 2009 or modified to look similar.
Some off looking resources have also been fixed(like the status icons’ locations).

Skin and Original

Skin and Luis’s version

Download:WLM 2009 Theme for 8.5.rar (8.6 MB)

The replacement files also includes 3 msgres.dll’s; 2 with 3GS ads and one with an alternate placeholder ad(which is the default one).
The configuration for the skin and the instructions are in the root of the .rar file.


How to change the ads ? I want the wlm 2009 ads but even if i paste the file in the installation repertory the ads doesnt change… someone can help me please ?

You will need Resource Hacker(http://angusj.com/resourcehacker/)
After getting it, extract one of the msgres.dll’s and open it with Resource Hacker, Open folder 4000, and scroll down until you see resource 1472. Right click on it and select “Replace Resource…”
and replace it with the ad of your choice. Then save the file, rename it to msgres.dll.
Then navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Live\Messenger(Close Messenger before doing this) and replace the msgres.dll there with yours.
Once you open up Messenger, your ad should be displayed.


Is there any way to change these icons and the chat toolbar text color?

there is a better version already out
since… 2018… early 2018

Can you link it then?

Can’t you see that I edited that skin to make it look more accurate? I even linked it as the original thread, and compared it.

oh im blind, sorry.

i’ll note out a suggestion to make it possibly as accurate as it gets:
try smoothing this out, instead of being a line right in this end, make it a gradient.

I don’t think that will work because that shadow is always there regardless of the dashboard toolbar design.
It’ll always look separated, and a gradient would make it look worse.

Made the dashboard toolbar lighter. It blends in with the top better now.wlm-2009-skin-dashbar
The download was also updated. If you had the previous version, re-download and reinstall the skin file.


is it possible to have a version of this skin that changes the default display pic to the wlm 2009 beta one?

If you have Resource Hacker, you can look into the msgres.dll from the download and replace the default display picture.
Or you can send it to me (with the resource ID from the dll) and I can make an alternate download.

I simply renamed the msgsres_2012ad file by msgsres.dll and replaced the original file and it works ! :smiley: Thank you (Y)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Can you tell me how you got the larger display pictures? I can’t seem to enable it for some reason.

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i used to have the larger pfps but i forgot how to do it

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podrías explicarme por favor como cambiar la parte de anuncio de modo que quede como a ti te quedo, disculpa es que no entendí lo que dijiste el paso que diste para que te funcionara

ayúdame por favor a lograr eso