WLM 2009/2011/2012 will take 7 Months for Developing like WLM 8.X?

Is WLM 2009/2011/2012 going to take 7 Months for developing like WLM 8 ?
Please Answer Me ! I’m Interested in Developping !

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What a question… It’s no matter :open_mouth: Do you know how hard is the work that the developers are making ?


it will take like. forever. please let them work on it.


I’m letting them working. I just want to know how do they do to re-open the servers. I’m interestied in Programmation…

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Thanks to the team for working WLM 8.1 :smile:

I am waiting now WLM 2009, the best messenger for me and friends


Yeah 2009 is the best version of Wlm ever !

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I think that WLM 2009 uses the same protocol than MSN 8, i don’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s hope so ! because I’m awaiting it so much !

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i think wlm 8.1 uses msnp 13 or 14 or whatever its called, msn 2009 and up i dont think so

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“MSNP18 is used in Windows Live Messenger 2009 (14.0). Its main new addition is the Groups feature, much like persistent grouped conversations. UUX Data have been extended to include Scene image MSN Object data.”

8.1 / 9… use a very similar protocol (have some changes… but … having the 8.1 is more easy to reproduce the 9.

Valtron made a breakthrough!!

I’m wondering more if 8.5 will come to be honest. Most likely couldn’t be too different from 8.1 under the hood.

:heart_eyes:I managed to have the version of WLM 8.5 in French (because I’m French) patched but I think it works with the messenger servers of microsoft and not with the snail server please warn @Trekie @Valtron and @Patchou to tell them that I managed to have the version WLM 8.5 patched but they put it in verison snail because it is connected with the messenger server of microsoft thank you to you
here is the french version in .rar with messengerplus! and the patch


if you need instructions (it’s french to try to translate with google translation)


what does patchou have anything to do with it

With messengerplus! to my knowledge

im gonna try this out

update: it doesn’t work at all.

Without messenger plus not working? i like it 8.5, a picture 8.1 vs 8.5


Valtron Did a breakthrough.
Now that the login and contact list thingy is figured out, next versions are coming faster, except for 2009, which is gonna be hard since part of the server info is gone, they will need to do loads of reverse engineering, but in the end of the day, we know it’s gonna be here, who knows.

I don’t really understand what this is? Patched for what exactly? This just looks like an attempt to patch like Messenger Reviver 2 did, albeit not as good (in my opinion, slightly biased). For Escargot use, the original source install from Microsoft is used, other patches are not necessary or desired. The idea is to make it as clean as possible.

Also of note on that page with that “get rid of skype ads” hosts file suggestion, you cannot have wildcards (ex. *.rad.msn.com) in hosts files (or port numbers, or http links as I’ve seen also attempted in the past), so I would suggest not that adding those lines. Additionally, it is recommended to use instead of for blocking purposes in hosts files.

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