Windows XP login error 80048820

Problem description: I can’t log in to MSN in Windows XP, no matter the MSN version.

Error code/error message: 80048820 (extended error code: 8004840f)

What has been tried so far: Installing HTTPSProx

Messenger version: From 4.6 to 8.1

Windows version: Windows XP Professional

I can help you if you want

Yes, I’d be thankful for that.

Your machine has no TLS 1.2 support, i don’t know how to get the ProxHTTPS thing, but it can be fixed by enabling TLS 1.2. You need to install a specific update from POSready 2009, and then enable with a registry tweak.

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how can I help you

As per the error list on our wiki:

Client is unpatched, there might be an underlying network issue, or a generic incorrect password/email, or if on XP and Vista: SSL/TLS error due to incompatibility.

So as mentioned above by lucascg02, it could be an SSL issue, though I’d be sure to make sure your client is properly patched – I would check that first, and if you haven’t, use our new patcher.

Hey! I’ll try to help, so I had the same problem on this and I’ll share it! I have problem with msn messenger on XP (error 80048820) Please look at it because this is the only way to bring it back

I did that before and it wouldn’t work, you can check my conversation bout it that is linked and it worked.

I was having the same problem with MSN Messenger 7.5 on XP, which before worked despite having to try to login after 3 times or more, until it stopped for good with error 80048820.

I solved the problem with the help of a friend, who gave me the hint to open a registry file by enabling POSReady 2009 and then installing the windowsxp-kb4019276-x86-embedded update file and then restarting Windows. After that, MSN 7.5 came on the first time! It works for Messenger 8.1 and 2009, but you also need to enable TSL 1.2 in the registry and that’s it, you don’t even need to use the proxy.

PS.: There are two files and I will leave them here. XP needs to be up to date or at least have the latest updates. (264,Bytes)
PT-BR windowsxp-kb4019276-x86-embedded-ptb_422a86a219d378e980cf8aa821df8a80bb810055.exe (1,1,MB)
windowsxp-kb4019276-x86-embedded-enu_3822fc1692076429a7dc051b00213d5e1240ce3d.exe (1,1,MB)

Tried all of the suggested things, still nothing seems to work. Same message.