I have problem with msn messenger on XP (error 80048820)

Problem description: I’m trying to log in but it wouldn’t work, even tho I did the tutorial on escargot.chat thingy and it didn’t work still

Error code/error message:80048820

What has been tried so far: the tutorial that was in escargot.chat

Messenger version: 7.5

Windows version: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Which tutorial? You mean this one?

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Yes this one

تكفى تعرف؟

You are supposed to follow this guide. Did you do so?


Ohh you’re eygpt so i talked to your arab, anyways where should i follow? Send me a picture to start

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Alright i will do this one, thank you soo much, i’ll reply to you again if it either worked or not.

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Thanks a lot!!!

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You’re welcome!

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