Windows Live Messenger for Xbox 360

will wlm fox xbox 360 eventually be supported?


If we could hack into the 360 and get the executable for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

cant you put apps on a flash drive and put it in and install it

because when i put in a flash drive there was an apps folder along with all the other folders the xbox sorts stuff into

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Ooo nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have 360 but I have Xbox one which does allow USB as well. it also has an app that allows browsing of its files and apps. Microsoft didn’t think it would be a problem haha :stuck_out_tongue: since I see that I know it’s possible to do anything I like to the Xbox. even delete it’s core system files. LOL, so I’m sure it’s possible to install windows live messenger on Xbox.

If WLM was one day supported on the Xbox, I’d love to try it out. From a quick Google search it looks like the program was only available on older versions of the Xbox dashboard. To get WLM on it I’d probably need to hack my console, which I have no idea how to do.

I’m sure it will run and if nots one software mods should do it

y’all willing to get a old, new xbox 360 and jtag it?

i remenber that in the first days of xbox 360 , it have msn ( yes , not wlm , M S N )

I’ve never had an Xbox until these days when a new Xbox come out of factory production which is Xbox one. Xbox 360 is a console I never had and it’s still supported.

so i tried copying an app i had to a flash drive and it worked so if someone has an xbox 360 with blades we need you to upload the file here

My Xbox was given to me by somebody and it had the blades dashboard, but I didn’t know it was rare and I updated it. :frowning:

well there are still some people that never updated so maybe one of them will see this post and we’ll hope that they had the update that gave you messenger

i still have it :slight_smile:

A blades Xbox?

When you boot it up, does it look like this?

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does it have messenger

WAIT. didn’t video kinect have a messenger feature

it has to lok lieks tgus!! w