Windows Live Messenger for Xbox 360


…but that’s what a Blades dashboard looks like




I remember this update somewhere in 2007 that added the WLM stuff to the Dashboard

offtopic: that brings me back to my germany 2006 xbox wow






what does your dashboard look like








@BabyMCSheep upload a picture of your xbox 360 home screen





that’s not blades. that’s the latest dashboard


i know that what i mean is video kinect


nvm im fucking stupid




I would like to take this chance to point out that the Xbox 360 can still be bought. here is a link to the page I found on Amazon when I was searching for consoles. Xbox 360 amazon page click here I plan to buy one but I have to figure out where to put it first. LOL, I’m running out of room to put these consoles on my desk.


I’m pretty sure that people also sell old consoles on eBay with older dashboards, but the newer ones are probably better because they are less likely to get the Red Ring of Death, plus the fans aren’t as loud. My fat white Xbox 360 turns on the fan all the time, and it is so loud.


No one uses 360 anymore -__-


I do