Windows Live Messenger 2011 Connect to local server? (Is this possible?))

Creating your own WLM '09 server the updated way goodluck.

how do i add and see contacts without being forced to upgrade to skype?

so i need to “verify” it for some reason

yeah wlm 2011 don’t work.

Oh i know whats the problem i belive.
I doesnt got this problem, but i belive you must replace the msnmsgr.exe file with a “hacked” wlm exe, because its a bug in the program. + create a account to log in

whats the message error code?

you have discord?? I can help you in private

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excuse me for the necrobump but WHAT? what kind of filename is that?

you write the code?

No, he’s using the already existing Escargot code.
WLM 2011 uses MSNP18 as a fallback protocol if it can’t connect to the server with MSNP21. This doesn’t work with Escargot 99% of the time, even though it does support MSNP18.


Thanks for the respond.I was wondering if he could make the login process only from the original servers,and the rest from the escargot side.thats why i was asking if he wrote the code.

Ok guys, so im back. It looks like this is a dead method already, since visual c++ 2015 buildtools, wich is required for the local server to be installed, is not installing anymore, since sha1 protocol got discontinued thanks to microshit! :frowning: any suggestions or can we finally end this method and wait for a official release for like 10 years?

ok then, how come it still installs for me? by then, Microsoft already shifted away from sha1 so uh

There won’t be any WLM '11 release anytime soon. The new skeleton crew team is doing barely anything with Escargot other than close-sourcing it (due to no one bothering to contribute on it with only kids trying to make their own “rival servers” which all died off pretty quickly) and putting duct tape patches.

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