Windows Live Messenger 2011 Connect to local server? (Is this possible?))

I belive you want already, when you can log in to wlm 2011, but this is now “impossible” because of the support of the protocol msnp20 and 21 by Escargot. But i found something really weird thing with the wlm 11 and with my local server. Originally the local server supports fully the wlm 2009, but its seems like the wlm 11 can connect too!.

What works/not?

You can log in with your local account.
You can use many functions, but sadly the IM Functions and
Social Tab are doesnt work right now because of the msnp20. And i dont know why, but when you have an idea, then please post it under my post. (i belive the wlm 11 can log in, because its supports the msnp18 backwards, wich is supported by escargot. So it recognizes the msnp18, and its can log in.

You still dont belive this is possible?
then watch my short “Login process” video about it. (Its 100% the original video, heres no video editing included.)

(WLM 11 only works with local server on Win 7 for some weird reason. win 10 and win 8.1 is forget to work with it. I belive its because of the compatibility of the windows essentials 2011 is optimized for win 7 and not newer.)
Here is:

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But the question is can you chat on it?

No. Unless he means certain parts of IM.

No, i mean the Chat function.
So basically i can send a message trough wlm 11, but the other people doesn’t receive it trough wlm 2009.

or when i use the same clients.

sounds like quite some work. i can try reconfiguring it if you put the files here

can someone help me with msn i can’t connect

ok thanks for helping

have you got discord?
how can i send you the files, and wich files do you want?
from the messenger folder the dlls and .exe files?

And please try reconfigure
because the chat functions doesnt receive for the others…

  • the friend invitations doesnt work!

Here are the main files for the messenger Messenger files - Google Drive

installation instructions>
if you already installed essentials before, delete the folders in the windows live folder, then add those new folders

if you want to install this whole new, then follow those instrutcions>
create a new folder called Windows Live in the program files folder
then put those folders into the Windows Live Folder and then then open the messenger folder and then msnmsgr.exe and then it must be working.

i need the server folder cause no matter what, it wont sign in

oh ok srry, but please do not use my accounts, because you see my profile picture then…

here is : server-master - Google Drive

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with admin permissions

its a offline essentials installer, which doesnt need your internet connection. As you know microsoft shutted down the essentials server and that mean the web installers no longer works without giving a Couldn’t install the programs error.
if you have win 10, it wont install because of the compatibility. Use win 7 or a virtual machine like virtualbox to run windows 7.


it is supposed to be btw

i need the visual c++ packages because the packages will not install with the installer provided.