Windows Live Mail still works!



You see, this isn’t exactly related to Escargot, however you can still get it working!

If you use any program that can also use IMAP services (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, all the main ones probably), you can get it to work: sending messages requires you to add SMTP, which is needed to use it.

Edit: POP3 works too.


I’m using windows live mail 2008 at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. it works (those titled looking emails are just junk mails with nsfw images).

i only tried the 2008 version with the blue (or any different color) vista-ish bar.

this would also work on the 2012 version. but it wont connect to outlooks server. instand you must use gmail


Actually, it does work with Mail 2012!


Nice. but when messenger 2012 is gonna be supported (possibly in mid-late 2018) ill upgrade the other stuff to 2012.

same things for 2009 (possibly gonna be supported in mid-2018 but i dont really know)


Off-topic but the app that kinda got the idea for Live Mail actually still works. and fun fact: Live Mail actually recycles several icons (Some of them are recolored actually)

Showing the same 5 NSFW Emails (if you want me to explain this check a thread in raw and random about those spam emails). Different layout and changable vista bar that can use different colors.


Maybe :eyes:


Can you get me Windows Live Mail 2008 offline installer please?


Possibly download the Windows 7 to Vista transformation pack zip from a video (i dont remember which one) and open WLinstaller.exe after you are done delete the folder. DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING ELSE OR ELSE IT WILL BREAK YOUR PC


WLM (1.8 MB)
i have the online installer ( well the all in one installer … )


Thanks! :slight_smile:


It didn’t work :frowning:


What error does it appear?



get the wlm installer from here WLM 8.5 is here! (lol i'm actually using the beta version so it works :P )


Thanks I guess :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s windows live messenger. I think he need WIndows Essentials, I assume?


this is windows live installer


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I used Windows Live Mail 2012 for my Hotmail account until they did something to make it not work with Hotmail anymore, then I missed the patch they released to get it working again. I can’t seem to find the patch anywhere. :frowning: I think it still works with other email services. The 2009 version works with my Yahoo account, except it won’t send any emails.