Windows 10

Ok, So A Lot Of You People Out There Hate Windows 10 Right? Well DON’T UPGRADE! TO IT. My Mum Had A Brand New HP Computer With Windows 10 On It And It Kept Crashing, Turns Out The Hard Drive Blew Up And Currys / PC World Wanted Nearly £200 To Fix It! I Never Payed It, I Just Dumped The Laptop At The Local Tip And Brought One With Windows 7 On It.

We’re All Gonna Stay On Windows 7 And I Know We Won’t Get Infected With Viruses That’s Just A Scam. Because There’re Still People Using XP And Have They Been Affected, NO! PS. Why Should We Have To Pay For Updates Am I Right?

Maybey Microsft Should Actually Look At How Many Are Currently Still Running Windows 7 Then Maybe They’ll Actually Realise That People Don’t Wanna Go To The Their New Rubbish Fancy Super-Spy OS

Who;s With Me On Staying With Windows 7?

I know where you went wrong - you dumped the laptop at a local tip when all it needed was a new hard drive and a new clean install of windows 10 on it. Windows 10 works correctly on many machines around the world.

Not sure how old you are but Windows XP was BAD for getting infected. I was repairing 30 to 50 machines a week back when the world was using XP.

Microsoft know roughly how many people are on Windows 7, the OS still calls back to Microsoft to let them know what OS is still been used. This is why they extended support to 2020/2021.


>staying on an unsupported os
ass, you could use ubuntu or salix linux

also i would want to buy an used thinkpad that then i could later install coreboot on it.

people got infected with windows XP even then it was supported, it’s basically the most infamous system for viruses

i’m 100% sure that the problem is the hard drive and not windows 10 itself

well, windows 10 is actually the most used OS now, so i guess people actually like it :stuck_out_tongue:

not me

Less drama, please. I’ve been using Windows 10 for years and despite some instabilities at times (which I’ve had in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1), runs super fluid.
You’re probably making bad use of your Windows 10, because it runs normally if you set it up properly.



bruh are you kanaya or somethin jesus christ

Stop Talking Like This It Sounds Like Shit And Looks Like Shit Like Damn

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ah drama drama drama (I have not had problems with win 10 in my ssd)

Hard Drives Don’t Just Blow Up. My Mums Neice’s Boyfriend Had A New Computer Running Windows 10 And The OS Deleted System 32!

Yeah People Like Windows 10 That Haven’t Grown Up With XP, Vista & 7 In Their Lives. Because If They Did They Wouldn’t Want To Upgrade If They Did Like Me. Why Should I Have To Buy All New PCs Just To Run A New & Version I Hate Of Windows


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thank you. someone finally likes one of the os’s i like

well I currently use win 10 I HAD Z E R O PROBLEMS

just because you haven’t seen issues doesn’t mean myself and close family and friends haven’t

i’m not going to stick with windows 7 as my main os just because the only keys i have for is ethier a windows 8.0 home key or the digital license on my microsoft account.

also i’d recommend sticking on 8.1 if you hate windows 10.

i still use 7 (on a tertiary computer) but i like 10

also most people saying “dude xp is good at blocking viruses” clearly haven’t used the internet with the RTM version

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of course lol. posready 2009 just recently got EOL.

yeah. thanks. i like 8.1 as well. might go there. because that’s still supported until 2023/2024

sp2 was when xp started to get better at pretty much everything

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firewall on xp was good