Why Microsoft's Logo now sucks

I liked this logo:

i love this 1987-2012 logo, but i dont like this logo 2012-2018 download


the new logo is cool , the old is just boring #youcanhatemenow

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What makes the new logo design much more amusing to me is that the four squares were used in an early Windows 95 commercial. So tbh, I see it as unnecessary.

But still, sucks that every company is recreating their logos just to fit with this “sleek and slim” style that has been followed on for a few years. :stuck_out_tongue:

yahoo have a cool logo … its not 100% flat

I used to prefer the old logo, but I’ve gotten so used to the new one now that I like it. The newer Windows logo that was introduced with the Metro design is nice too, but my favourite Windows logo is the one they used during the Vista/7 period.

Before I clicked on this post, I expected it to be a long rant about Microsoft.

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Same here, actually. Title’s pretty hyperbolic, in this case. :stuck_out_tongue:

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there made it actually on-topic

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As i said on my Escargot Space, since the finish of the Modern era of Design on 2012 and the beggining of the Simple era of Design on 2013, every company, enterprise, etc. Is changing it’s logo for a new simplest logo, that’s the simple era of design

it’s called minimalism, and I (and many others) think it’s shit

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actually, Microsoft is run by big feet (Multiple BigFoot) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Borring? its the longest logo 1987-2012!

iam talking about the logo and not how old it is

Why do you hate everything that is new :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Old is goood like xp

Really the best explanation for latching onto something that can’t be brought back. :stuck_out_tongue:

but new is great like Windows 8.1 and mac os x sierra

No mac i dont like mac and windows 8.1

… ok i respect your opinion , but what iam trying to say is new is good too

But not everything