Who Use Windows XP?

Who Use Windows XP in 2020? write here


on my other computers i do because they have 1 and 2 GB of ram and they can’t run vista or 7 for shit

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I’m using it on virtual machine, also with MSN 7.5 as of now.

Using here too on real hardware =P

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I have used it but unfortualnately my power supply has been died on my old pc :confused: so now cant

i used it for a looooooong time then i moved on to 7 because some software didnt work



I’m still using in on my Gaming PC, but not too long because of lack of GPT Hard Drive Support (only 64-bit XP Pro recognize GPT drive, but XP Pro 64-bit is unstable due to lack of drivers, I use Windows 10 as GPT disk because its was able to get more than 2TB space)

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@TLWXPUser:i am a joke to you?

he uses 8

u shuold be called TLW8.1User

This is all my PC’s information

GPU? if none welcome to the “Can’t even run OBS” club


I used to, until i had to give it to one of my family members as they need a PC

Ares Galaxy? i thought that program died in 2017 how did you get it working? :thinking:

i discovered my old pc had a Intel G31, it has like 3mb vram

Just if youre curious just how not much, the PS2 GPU had 4mb vram, my pc cant even run OBS

Plus the latest dirvers was for Windows Vista and from 2009, thats why my pc is way more stable with XP-7

lol what, how is it even able to run an os?

i use windows SxSuri