Who Use Windows XP?

the VRAM is always at 80% usage, so i guess 3mb is litterally the minimum u need to run windows 10

ew modified windows

I use Windows 10 with XP theme pack

My old pentium II was actually running XP, brother did indeed used for his school stuff to see if the repairs turned to be good. I also used to play around with it at free times, just to laugh a little.
Have a picture of it!

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I haved a Windows XP PC, used until 2016, but, I’ve stopped using to give to my cousin, but in middle 2017 (maybe), when I turn on the PC, it starts, but, when it is time to show us the screen, the PC just shut downs… Someone said that you can switch the power button to reset button, and, it says it will work normally, Idk if this is true…

Windows XP was the very first computer I ever used, I don’t use it, but I used to.

me too, since 2012

Windows XP is not a computer, it is an operating system.

I use a Windows XP machine for audio recording as my current PC is incompatible with 3.5 mm audio input (it has a combined 3.5 mm input and output, which is backwards compatible with regular 3.5 mm output but not with input).

ahahahhahaha loool