Who still uses Windows Vista?

I use Windows Vista, in 2021

Note: I wrote this in SeaMonkey 2.49.5

Here is my Vista desktop:


i have a modern pc


My pc and my components are too recent to install Vista… No drivers exists for this os

awesome OS. But i can’t use it, cuz a haven’t any computer for it:(

windows vista < windows 7/10

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i like windows vista but i only have a personalization


not the best personalization but anyway looks good.

i recommend getting a newer browser

used to be on my packard bell. by cpu-z benchmark i find out that vista is slower than seven (and linux) even with all drivers installed

this is Vista

this is Seven

so after a period i started using arch linux xdddd

i have windows 7 6469 on vmware

uuuh it’s windows 7 beta not vista

true but it is vista after all ;-;

Did somebody say… Windows Vista?

I do! Vista is the best!

and I will use it for years, along with my Nokia N73. Although I might replace it with either an XpressMusic or a KaiOS phone.


HoW yOu HaVe Windows vista AfTeR 2017!!!???

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excuse me, why you use mypal? i really don’t know why it’s popular browser for vista…

you’re still think that vista is the best even when i posted about performance

It’s a Pale Moon fork. One time a friend told me to get it because I couldn’t use Discord on Mozilla Firefox. I have used it ever since.

discord on old browser? sounds good

nope. i do not uses Windows vista. i only uses Windows 7 But Windows 7 has ended of support.
so can anyone contact me on windows live messenger please