When Windows 10 is going to definitely end of support? Is there going to be a new version of Windows that will bring our pc to life?

I don’t know what do you guys think, but I think so that Windows 10 will end of support early or late, but is there going to be a new version of Windows after this event? Just comment what do you guys think.

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windows 10 is technically the last version of windows ever. BUT and you probably know it better than me, there is “major updates” like the Redstone or creator update which are basically new systems… with their own lifecycle. so as long as you follow these there is no worry about support on windows 10…

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1507; 1509; 1607; 1703; 1709; 1803; 1809; 1903; 1909; 2003; 2009; 2103; etc, etc. So the answer is… Never.



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Thats what your friends told me, and I think the same, but well

Versions of Windows 10 are likely going to get end of support, but that’s because they’ve been replaced a newer version of Windows 10, which then later, gets end of support due to a newer version of Windows 10, the cycle repeats

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Thats true too

Although I don’t think they’ll be going back to the old non-service-based purchasing model, I think it is extremely doubtful the “Windows 10” branding will stick through the 2020s. No marketing department will tolerate being restricted for that long, and their attempts at “Anniversary Update”, “Creators Update”, et al. have been failures and they gave up on that.

If they want to keep their marketing naming promise of “Windows 10 forever” (which are usually meaningless anyway), I think it’s likely they’ll rebrand as Windows X at some point. The latest Surface Pro is the Surface Pro X, and the OS that’ll run on next year’s Surface Neo is “Windows 10X”. As such, they’re already half way there :stuck_out_tongue:


I think “X” is a bit too unoriginal, It’ll always remind me of the iPhone X series of iPhones.

And the season X from fortnite has the letter “X”, but as well Windows X sounds like cool, and Windows 10 sounds like a kind of student exam grade and that isn’t cool :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

But I really think that Windows 10 users will confuse with the Windows X name with the old reliable OS Windows xp(that was just a little joke to telling to you guys and also make you laugh a bit):sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Fortnite is trying hard to be hip 'n cool, Microsoft isn’t. (other than cough cough minecraft)

I do remember a theory back when Windows 10 launched was that the “10” could entirely be dropped, and just be called “Windows”.

Only Windows could sound great.

PS: I love Minecraft, I hate fortnite and epic games, I’m so sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

or just Windows without version number

Legendary/Mega Rare picture taken on a MG threadScreenshot_20191102-174406


Without a version number is possible, but has largely been a commercial failure when tried elsewhere, both in hardware and software. Even if they did get rid of the 10, we’d still have 19H2, or 1909 or whatever else they could come up with. Simpler usually works better, which is why numbers are usually used. Plus, you still need some way to identify compatibility with applications.

Since marketing needs some way to sell you the latest thing, to identify the old and the new, I don’t think they’d be willing to give up the version name/number trick with no financial benefit. Especially in a competitive market, if you haven’t tried the product in a while, they need a way to get you to try it again, a new name/number and a promise of something different will do that.

As I’m typing this, it popped up that Edge is getting a new icon, which looks nothing like the current one. It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed the name slightly for the Chrome-based version, maybe in the second version when it’s even more refined.

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i just made a meme if microsoft did remove the number image

Protogent and the proto meme is already dead. It died in late 2017, not because of btm. But because no one liked it.

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before microsoft is better, because new version 4-5 years but now with windows 10 is long support. is upate is not perfect windows 10

since windows 8 microsoft is bad