What's your Vista experience

In my pc, very good

rant rant war war

i used in a potato so

i used to run Vista as my main OS on my mid 2007 macbook, i had a great experience with it!
(if you want specs, it was a core 2 duo with 4GB of ram, and a integrated graphics card)

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and also i recently installed Avast antivirus on it and cracked it (obviously with some keys i found online and i love how Avast still supports Vista, even the new version

avast free is a shit

true, but i got Pro + Cleaner and Driver Updater licenses, that means i have every avast features. Sandbox, Ransomware Module, etc

hmm, very good

set the category as “technology”.

thanks, i always forgot to put the category

last time i used Vista on real hardware, it wasn’t bad. It’s UI has some aspects from XP and worked like a charm, all the hate on it was because of rushed development and left many bugs in the RTM release, Service Packs improved it, but it didn’t improve Vista’s reputation sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

better when you update and you can make it run windows 7 stuff if you really try it (making a wrapper and such)

i use on vmware

can you show evidence that the version of avast you are running is the latest and not 18.8? :stuck_out_tongue:



It looks a lot like the latest, so i thinked that

could you DM me on MG and tell me what i need to update, i want this too

Platform Update: Vista 32 bit Vista 64 bit

Download Platform Update Supplement for Windows Vista/2008: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2117917/platform-update-supplement-for-windows-vista-and-for-windows-server-20
Also just for sake please install IE9 too :stuck_out_tongue:


overall when i used vista it was pretty good, ran smoothly (after installing service packs) and i liked how it looked

Windows Vista… Nice in design but… has its bugs >_>

any system has bugs, and honestly SP2 fixed most of Vista’s bugs