What's your opinion about Windows OSes

i had them disabled since i installed the last posready update :stuck_out_tongue:

well it STILL technically ramped up the telemetry compared to windows 2000 and previous versions


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windows 10 is telemetry the os

everyone talks about windows 10 being telemetry the os but the truth is

windows 8 was the one that took it to insane levels

yeah but you can disable it in 8

well, it may seem you can disable it, but there are probably other telemetry services that take alot of work to disable, just like in windows 10

i honestly don’t care about the telemetry fuzz since the chinese/american are only gonna see porn and jack shit from me

windows 10 made it worse

1.0x: 2/10
2.x: 3/10
3.0: 3/10
3.1: 6/10
95: 5/10
98: 8/10
2000: 9/10
ME: 0.5/10
XP: 9/10
VISTA: 9/10
7: 9/10
8: 10/10
8.1: 8/10
10: 7/10

barely to be honest

im not trying to start drama ok

who the hell even said this is drama

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i am going to spent 6000 reais for a Windows Collection

well, this includes some other stuff (Surface Pro 3, Xbox One, New 2ds and tbh)

but do you realize telemetry has NOTHING to do with spying, right? well you should.

well “spying” has been in windows since the earlier days pretty much


do you actually know that tbh means “to be honest”
and also thats not a “windows collection”

plus why the FUCK would you speed near 2000 dollars on WINDOWS if you can just grab it off piratebay and winworldpc for 90% of the cases? WHAT THE FUCK

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he is a little dumb, thinking a little


i’d probably say $300

man come on whay you need a windows collection just bulid a pc gamer that supports windows XP

you said R$13000 which roughly translates to 2000