What's with this "Revive Yahoo Messenger"?

I don’t get why people want the old Yahoo Messenger revived, the old one seems pointless. The new Yahoo Messenger is actually better than the old. I think its best to just revive Windows Live Messenger (and possibly continue to add new features) as it seems better.

This is a screenshot of the new Yahoo Messenger

you have poblems … i dont have nobody to talk in yahoo Messenger :frowning:

Yeah, sure. The new Yahoo! Messenger is great, if you think it not showing when you received new messages or your friends are online, and it removing tons of emoticons people loved, is great. /sarcasm


I don’t either but that doesn’t mean the old Yahoo Messenger should be revived, Yahoo has been doing great lately so yh


I will make this clear, I have never tried the Old Yahoo Messenger so I don’t know if its cooler or if it has features that people loved that Yahoo no longer has but what I do know is that Yahoo’s new Messenger looks perfect. Skype on the other hand is a piece of shit as its stupid, I love WLM and I want it revived as it has soo much nostalgia. Idk about Old Yahoo Messenger but I do know about WLM.

So you are telling me this pile of sh*t looks better than the new Yahoo Messenger. You have great sarcasm indeed.

The cringe is soooo real in this old version of Yahoo Messenger lol

What the fuck, dude. The new one look UGLY A F, and here’s my point why: The old IMs had their own appearance, if you compare the look of MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger and ICQ, they look completely different from each other. Now try to compare the new look of Skype with the new Yahoo messenger. The “metro look” fucked everything up. Now everyone uses the metro interface and the personality that the program had is gone


This is not about “Metro Look” plus I said Skype looks like a pile of shit too, the new Yahoo Messenger may look a bit metro but it certainly isn’t fully metro. The old Yahoo Messenger judging from the pics looks like a pile of sh*t compared to MSN Messenger, Skype and The new Yahoo Messenger.

Make your point. Why is it a pile off shit? What’s wrong with it?


It looks too ugly, the old Yahoo Messenger seems to have no personality and it looks more fked up than a Metro Look and Metro is soo fked up. I prefer MSN (WLM) Messenger as it has an aero look and other cool stuff. Comparing the old Yahoo Messenger to the new one, the old one doesn’t stand a chance. I also said I have never tried the old Yahoo Messenger so my points may not be completely accurate but from my point of view of the old Yahoo Messenger it looks like sh*t.

Well i understand if you don’t like it but like it or not, the people of this from are going to revive it


I never said I disliked it, I am mostly saying from my current point of view of it, it looks shit, I have not tried the old Yahoo Messenger so I have no say in whether its good or bad, if it does get revived I will try it and see what it is about

this piece of shit is AWESOME

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Is… that Electron?

Other than that, new YM looks better than the old one. :slight_smile:

Eh, to each their own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But personally, I’d take something decent-looking over a bland solid color UI any day. :wink:


this version was the version before the new one did you like it?

this screenshot is mine

From my point of view, The old Yahoo Messenger has its own style and it does stand out from WLM/MSN messenger and kinda (in my opinion) look more like something someone would use in a business like environment/school. I love WLM/MSN, but i don’t have anyone to try it out and chat with so i’m stuck with a empty contacts list, but i still like it. Also in the first pic of the old Yahoo Messenger, i looked straight at the “IMEnviroments” tab and if that’s there, then you could use different skins/themes like WLM/MSN and from my point of view, you could change it to make it look “better” (I put better in Quotes, because i like the theme of Yahoo, stands out having its own improvised Aero theme to compete with WLM/MSN).
I haven’t used Yahoo Messenger either so i don’t have a full opinion of it either, but i might use it as well.

Correction: IMVironments were used to customize Yahoo! Messenger, but for the messaging windows only. Yahoo! did have options for changing the theme of the program, but that was usually a colour/background change. The core design was still there. :stuck_out_tongue: