What's with this "Revive Yahoo Messenger"?


Hej, I think there is not much reason to revive yahoo messenger but nostalgia. Prolly MSN messenger was way more popular than yahoo but in some countries, it may have been yahoo being first. A lot of my yahoo contacts were romanian for example.
The new yahoo has no contact list, I think that’s its main problem.
But in my opinion, it’s better to focus on just one revival and that’ll be MSN for me, what’s the point having two empty contact lists on two different protocols ?
I used Miranda so I had yahoo, ICQ and MSN connected at the same time on the same software, I would have dropped yahoo and ICQ if I had had to start 3 different softwares that were each heavier than miranda.
One question, though : my old yahoo contacts, I can still access their yahoo ID through my miranda database, but how the hell I send an Email to them when I don’t know the yahoo.xxx associated with their IDs ?


(Cough) (Cough) never used it (Cough) (Cough)